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Laser Training Videos

Roll Tack
Pay close attention to the foot work.  The back foot goes over the strap just prior to tacking so when he crosses over to the other side it becomes the forward foot.  It is now in position under the hiking strap so you can immediately hike out and flatten the boat.  Remember, Flat is FAST!  Also, notice how he handles the tiller extension and main sheet,  He doesn't switch hands until the roll tack is complete.

Light Air Roll Tack
Notice how smooth he is in the boat.  No unnecessary movements and he does not violate Rule 42.  He does not exit the tack faster than he entered it.   Also notice how he lets his main sheet out just a little in the tack when the boom comes over, then when he flattens out the boat, he sheets in a little to keep his speed up.

Roll Gybe
Watch how he heals the boat to weather and use gravity, wind direction and a pop of his main sheet right when the sail begins to luff to get the boom all the way over (without the main sheet hanging up on the transom) to complete the gybe and fill the sail with wind again.

Light Air Roll Gybe
Shut up, watch and pay attention to the audio

Extreme Reaching
If this is what you want, then mark off the first weekend in August to do some REAL Laser Sailing in Wrightsville Beach, NC!!!

Vang Techniques on a Laser 4.7
Good information and listen closely to the affect of both correct and incorrect vang settings have on the boat.

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