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Events & Clinics

Snipe Rally Days

One Saturday each spring and each fall, the Snipe fleet hosts an Open House luncheon and afternoon of sailing.  These sailing rally days are open to participants in the club's Adult Learn to Sail courses, and new & prospective members interested in sailing.  Watch out, you may want to bring your water gun with you!  Check out the club calendar for the dates & times.  If you are interested, please reach out to the fleet captain.  Come join us!


Marshmallow Intergalactic Championship  

This fun summer event is specifically tailored to our newer sailors.  We host a lunch and then team up an experienced sailor as the crew for a less experienced skipper.  Then we go sailing!  Top teams have the opportunity to win prizes including hot dogs, marshmallows, and Smores kits!  Check the club calendar for this event in July. 

Knot the Don Q Rum Championship Regatta

Most Snipe sailors will know about the Don Q Rum Regatta held early in the year in Miami.  This is knot that!  This is a very silly new event for 2023!  What to do in August when the temperatures are up and the winds are down?  How can we keep our cool?  Ah ha!  We have the answer!  

Participants will be issued water guns and are free to shoot anyone they like, including the race committee!  But your real objective is to use your water gun to fill up your cup sitting on a Mark Boat while you sail past it.  Sailors will be scored based on their placement in the race around the course plus how high they filled their mug.  Refreshments will be served!  Some may even have rum!

Notice of Race here

Sailing Instructions here

Do you want to join us?  Of, course you do!  Sign-up on the form here


Held at different times during the year, the Snipe fleet holds clinics to help less experienced sailors learn more about sailing, caring for your boat, maintaining your trailer, rigging your boat, boat speed, racing, including learning about the rules of racing.  Examples include:

  • Ship Shape Shop - early in the year, check your boat for piece parts that may need maintenance.
  • Drills, Thrills, and Chills - combination of chalk talk and on the water learning, followed by afternoon refreshment.

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