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Junior Week Registration

Junior Week Program

AYC Junior Week is a one-week overnight sailing camp focusing on sailing classes during the day and fun activities each evening.  

Day Camp Program

AYC Day Camp is a one week day sailing clinic for our younger sailors.  Day camp runs from 8:30 to 4:30 daily (except Friday) and includes both classes and activities.  


Junior Week fee: $370 for members

Day Camp fee: $270 for members

Eligibility for Junior Week

Overnight Junior Week Campers must turn 12 in 2021 (2009 or earlier birth year) and can be up to 18 years of age.  Day campers must be 9 years old before June 6., 2021. All campers must be able to swim and must have completed the AYC Junior Training or an equivalent program.

Junior sailors who belong to other yacht clubs may be accorded the privilege of attending Junior Week.  Such attendance shall be at the regular AYC member rate and shall require that the Junior’s family present evidence of membership in good standing in a AYC Commodore approved yacht club.  The AYC Commodore shall provide final approval for the Junior to attend.

After the posted registration deadline expires, an AYC Member in good standing with one or more children registered for Junior Week can request to sponsor an application for one guest per registered child. The Junior Week Chair will review and consider applications in order of receipt.  The number of guest Junior Week sailors shall not exceed 20% of the registered Junior Week sailors. Approved applicants will be responsible for the posted camp fee, an additional $150.00 guest fee, and adherence to volunteer and other camp requirements.

Eligibility for Day Camp

Applicants must be children of club members that are at least 9 years old before June 6, 2021. Grandchildren of club members and other extended family members will be considered on a space available basis.

Fleet Options

We will do everything we can to put your child in their preferred boat (with preferred crew...if applicable). Please help us accomplish this by letting us know your fleet preference and availability of personal boats when you complete the online registration. 

Depending on interest, we anticipate having the following fleets:

  • Opti
  • Beginner Laser
    • 4.7 or radial rig
    • Campers must provide own boat.
  • Intermediate & Advanced Laser
    • Full or radial rig
    • Campers must provide own boat.
  • 420
    • Skipper and Crew
    • 12 420/C420 boats available on a first come (paid registration) basis.


The parent or sponsor of each camper must volunteer a minimum of 8 hours for each family member participating in Junior Week. In lieu of volunteering your time, you may pay additional $250 per child. Signup to volunteer HERE


The theme for 2021 Junior Week is "Sailing through the Decades".  We'll be celebrating the decades through food, games and activities.   Everyone is encouraged to get in the spirit and welcome to bring their favorite decade-themed attire or accessories.  

Some ideas:

20's night:  Grab your fedoras and headbands
50's night:  It's a beach party -- polka dots anyone?
70s night:  This decade was all about bell bottoms and wide lapels.  
80s night:  Never too much neon!

. . . and let's not forget the 60s, the 90s, and 00s.   Time to raid parent and grandparent closets!

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