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Boats on the Bayou!

By Nancy Molitor (3798)

Once again, Atlanta's Fleet 48 has stopped at nothing to seduce 60 boats to Allatoona Swamp for the most colorful regatta in the Thistle lineup. This year's Bayou Dixie, held over Memorial Day weekend, was a rollicking success in every respect except (DUHH) wind, which got off to a promising  start on Saturday but failed to deliver on Sunday. With three starts scheduled in each race (two sub-groups for the more competitive Purple Fleet and an additional start for the self-selected Green), the RC had its hands full and the scoreboard was all over the map.  But it does not require brain surgery to add up two firsts, which is what Lake Norman incumbent Dixie winner Brad Russell and AYC's Brook Hamilton both scored in their respective fleets. Congratulations also to Jacksonville's Johnny Fewell, who won the Junior Dixie in this his last year of eligibility.

Meanwhile, the Ragin' Cajun party atmosphere started at the club gate, protected by an attack alligator, and carried on throughout the weekend with a little Zydeco and a lot of Swamp-a-Ritas, 50 lbs of mud bugs, and jambalaya, drawing a crowd of weirdos attired in camo and coveralls, masks and beards and beads, anything inspired by the "swamp chic" dress code. Add sunny summer weather and 60 Thistles full of good friends -- and son-of-a-gun, it was all good fun on the Bayou!

Full race details are attached, and will be published in the Bagpipe.

Photos of the racing, shore activity, Alligator Cake, and Bayou Party, courtesy of Deb Fewell <>, can be found by clicking this link:

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