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ROARING 20s DIXIE  - May 29-30 2021

Reported by fleet captain David Sinclair

Hi all,

“If you are reading this email clap your hands twice in the air.” 

Give me a D—I—X—I—E


Forgive the over-beaming pride and appreciation that I feel from the most amazing weekend of sailing of which I have been a part. 

The amount of work put in by Steve and Stacey Mitchell(regatta chairs) was teamed with an army of volunteers that were ready for anything. There were volunteers on hand everywhere, from very late night clean up help, to on the water photographers, meal prep crews, decoration hanging, food serving, etc, etc, etc.....The result??  as John Howell(likely the next TCA president) put it this morning to me on the phone...”from all accounts I’ve heard from out of towners...Fleet 48’s Dixie was truly a Class A event.”

Congratulations to all of you who should know, without fail, that your efforts were TOTALLY WORTH IT!

More than 50 boats with our own Gavin Mccormack finishing in the top 5, junior sailors sailing like pro’s, breeze from 8-15 with gusts above 20, spectators everywhere, competitive sailing-speedboats even stopped in awe at the beautiful boats attacking the course.

Time stood still. 

My father John Sinclair sailed in his first Dixie in 1956 at the age of 14. Just as Art and Nancy were recognized in Lindsey’s beautiful poem, i recognize the commitment my father has put into this sport and this Club. I also found it amazing to see Bill Tumlin, his daughter Jennifer, and granddaughter Addie sailing together. Addie even flew the spinnaker in our beloved event. 

There were families sailing together, prepping meals together, laughing and smiling everywhere you looked.

Sunday morning as my Dad, Lisa Woods, and I waited for our starting sequence, I watched my father staring upwind at the beauty of the event. The sun was lighting up the barely visible windward mark, dark waters of breeze were approaching us, crisp air, his eyes were as wide as they probably were at the age of was perfect.

Congratulations and love to all,


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