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Junior Training Registration

Registration is first come first serve, boats are limited

Classes begin on Saturday, May 14th and run through July 23rd.

We will have an orientation meeting the first day of class along with a swim test. Parents must be present.  NOT a drop off class. Parents are required to stay on the yacht club grounds or appoint a sponsor for their child. We will have information about snack parents and volunteer opportunities at the orientation meeting. Throughout the summer we will have some sailing opportunities for parents during classes too.

The first class will begin with a swim test. All kids will be required to swim the length of the dock and back with their life jackets, tread water for 5 minutes without life jackets and then put their life jackets on while in the water. Kids must have a properly fitting Coast Guard Approved life jacket. Liability Release & Waiver Agreement must be signed before attending class.

All Classes: (Beginner/Guppies, Learn to Sail/Sharks, Learn to Race & Learn to Sail Double-Handed boats) - Class Description Below

May 1st at 12:00pm - Coaches Orientation

May 14th - All Classes Orientation & Swim Test

May 21nd - All Classes (double handed class fleet boat orientation -  no 420 usage available on this date)

May 28th - NO Classes Memorial Day weekend

June 4th - All Classes

June 11th - All Classes

June 18th - NO Classes (post Jr Week)

June 25th - All Classes

July 2nd - NO Classes July 4th weekend

July 9th - All Classes

July 16th - All Classes

July 23rd- All Classes (Wrap up Party)

Tentative Wrap Up: Saturday Wrap Clinic Prior to the Rock Paper Scissors Regatta in Birmingham, AL at BSC Yacht Club

Saturday Class time: 9AM-12PM

420’s and Opti’s will have a start at 2PM for club races as long as they have 2 or more boats show up. 

In case of bad weather, we will still hold classes. We will do indoor activities on these days. If there is a need to cancel, we will text parents prior to the class;

Entrance for non-members: when you arrive at the Yacht Club entrance, pull up to the gate, which will open automatically. For orientation, meet at the lower level of the clubhouse, the Jr. Room.

What to bring to every class:

  • Life Jacket with whistle attached.  Life Jackets and shoes are REQUIRED while on docks
  • Water shoes (closed toe or sandals are okay - NO FLIP FLOPS)
  • Hat and/or sunglasses, towel, swimsuit, and sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks will be provided, bring your own lunch (optional)

Questions? Please contact Trixy or Joe Hanson.

Class Descriptions:

Class Name: Learning to Sail - Level 1 “Guppies”

The objective of the beginner class is to familiarize students with the basics of sailing and to allow them to feel comfortable on the water. The students will learn safety skills such as righting a capsized boat, as well as basic rigging, derigging and tacking skills. Students will learn the parts of the boat, how to rig and launch a boat, basic sailing, sailing terms. There will be a combination of shore sessions, fun, and on the water sailing. This is a non-competitive environment. We just want to get the kids hooked on sailing!

  • Must be 6 years old
  • New sailors or kids younger than 9
  • Fun activities
  • Basics of sailing
  • 9AM – 12PM
  • Ask for parental involvement
  • Coaching: 1 paid coach, 1 paid assistant coach & possible club volunteer (changes week to week), heavy parental involvement
  • Use boats in swimming area, onshore games
  • Snack will be provided

Class Name: Learning to Sail OPTI - Level 2 “Sharks”

The students will learn how to safely leave and return to the dock and will be able to sail independently. The basics of tacking, jibing, and docking will be covered. This class is for kids who have the basics covered and are ready to expand their skills. Sailors will work on sailing more efficiently including tacking, jibing, upwind and downwind sailing. Sailors must feel comfortable sailing independently. This class is a continuation of Beginner Sailing and a stepping stone to Beginner Racing based on the students interest.

  • Open to kids who have taken at least 1 year of Learning to Sail
  • Must be 9 year old
  • Covers basics of sailing
  • 9AM - 12PM.  Rigged and ready by 9AM
  • Coaching: 1 paid coach, 1 assistant paid coach & club volunteer
  • Snack will be provided

Class Name: Learning to Race OPTI

After students have completed Level 2 Classes or have participated in Learning to Race or Learning to Sail in the past. Students that have enjoyed learning the sport of sailing and would like to compete and have fun learning to maximize wind efficiency while racing their friends. In the course the skills they will learn are (but not limited to): Starting Sequence, Basic Course Configuration, Rules of Racing, Mark Rounding, Maximizing Upwind Sailing Angles, Increasing Boat Speed, Boat Handling, Positioning for Speed, Roll Tacking and Jibing, Introduction to Tactics, Having a Race Strategy and More.

  • Kids with sailing experience who are ready to race or are already participating in regattas
  • 9AM - 12PM.  Rigged and ready by 9AM
  • Covers basics of racing
  • Junior races are part of the course.  Coaches will coach during races
  • Coaching: 1 paid Level 1 coach, 1 paid assistant coach & 1 club volunteer (prefer with Level 1), safety boat
  • Snack will be provided

Learning to sail a Double-handed boat 420’s, Y’s, Thistles and Snipes

This class is for older beginners who are new to sailing and sailors new to the 420. Sailors must be at least 9 years old. The 420 provides older students the chance to learn in a double-handed boat. It will also teach previous Optimist sailors skills to sail in a double handed boat. Students will learn how to both crew and skipper. The focus of this class will be sailing as a fun, social sport. This class will also have the opportunity to sail in AYC Club Boats such as Yflyer, Snipe and Thistle!

  • Open to kids who have taken at least 1 year of Learning to Sail class
  • Must be 12 years old with previous sailing experience
  • 9AM - 12PM –   420’s can race with other fleets at 2PM
  • Covers basics of sailing and being a crew
  • Encouraged to sail in afternoon club races.  (Will try to get fleets to sponsor weeks to encourage kids to team up with skippers)
  • Will ask Fleets to participate for the kids to become familiar with our club fleet boats
  • Coaching: Club Volunteers.  1 adult, 1 junior, 1 safety.  Use fleet boats with fleet volunteers to take kids out and skipper/crew on fleet boats.
  • Snack will be provided
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