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"Serious Sailing, Serious Fun" 

Snipe Fleet 330

The Snipe Fleet of the Atlanta Yacht Club practices this motto of the Snipe Class racing sailboat. Our Fleet maintains a roster of sailors that ensures good racing for the newcomer to the experienced sailor. We're an active fleet racing during the April to October season. We represent all age groups and skill levels. This is the beauty of the Snipe - it can be very competitive or can be a learning experience with every outing at any level!

Our fleet does enjoy a party and will generally organize at least one per month during the racing season. Give us a call if you're interested in crewing or skippering a Snipe -- we love to show off our fleet and our boats. Best of all, no matter your age or sailing experience, you'll fit right in!   

Welcome! Became inactive December 31, 2009.  This is the new website for Snipe Fleet 330.

May 2010 Summary                                          

8         Fleet Meeting         At Clayton's Barn     6:30pm                        

22-23   Hospice Regatta     Lake Norman          Mike Mergenthale

Contact Information

Snipe Fleet Captain: Peggy Davis

Snipe Fleet Vice Captain:Kathy Bronaugh

Snipe Fleet Secretary: Trey Shipp

Snipe Fleet Treasurer: Tom Henderson

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