Child care info

Child care for Vike Tykes will be available in the play yard for children age 3 and up during race time Saturday and Sunday. Please let us know your child care needs by phone, email, or on our pre-registration form by Tuesday, May 19, so that we can hire sitters based on the number of children expected. After May 19, please contact Adrienne Warnken (see below) to see if there is still space available. 

Please let us know your child care needs on our pre-registration form, if possible, so that we can know how many children to expect. Official sign-up will be at registration.

  • There will be at least one adult sitter, with helpers as needed.
  • Cost for one child is $30 for Saturday and Sunday, or $20 for one day.
  • Sibling discount of $5 per child will apply.
  • Please give the sitter instructions as to allergies or special needs.
  • Do apply sunscreen before you drop off your child(ren). A towel and an extra shirt/sweater would also be a good idea.  
  • There will be name tags to put on the kids' backs. (So they don't take them off!) There will be two for each child (one for each day) in your registration envelope.
  • Please leave a cell phone number and/or your boat number, plus the name of one or more people on club grounds that we could reach in case of emergency.
  • Please make sure your child(ren) are picked up ASAP when you get off the water, but no later than one hour after the finish of the race. 

For questions regarding babysitting, 
please contact: 

Adrienne Warnken

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