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Attention, Cosmic Hitchhikers. . .

All forces of the Thistle Rebel Alliance are hereby commanded
 to prepare your ships for WAR -- 
a battle of close encounters 
unlike the universe has ever seen,
 at the

Code name “SPAR WARS”

In the not too distant future
23-24-25 May
(Memorial Day Weekend)
Atlanta Yacht Club
Planet: Earth
Galaxy: Milky Way

It is the cosmic war of the millennium, 
staged by Atlanta’s Fleet 48 
to vanquish the evils of slovenly sailing and uphold victory 
for the most powerful soldiers of the Thistle Empire. 

Once again Atlanta Yacht Club, 
Space Station of the First Order, 
offers you and those under your command 
the kind of hospitality that only war can breed: 
we eat, we drink, we make merry. . .  
and then of course we go boldly 
over to the Dark Side and 
try our best to sink each other’s ships!  
What could be more spatial??

Once again we will hold FIVE battles, 
with TWO command fleets. 
You choose where to enlist -- 
with the Purple Troop or the Green. 
Shuttle on over to Race Information for more details 
on the two troops and how to decide which one works for you. 

 So don’t panic!  
But do get your fellow space travelers geared up, 
your rocket ready for take-off, 
and the holes in your gravity boots mended. 

The countdown has begun, 
and you’re in for an intergalactic blast!   

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