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Voodoo Dixie!

Atlanta’s Fleet 48 is up to its old tricks, and the Witch Doctor is in charge -- drumming up island incantations to lure you to our tropical paradise, Mighty Laguna Allatoona, over Memorial Day Weekend.

Kanaloa, ancient mystical god of the sea, has stopped short of promising wind but threatens to cast a spell on any Thistle tribe that does not send at least one warrior to the battlefront in a grass skirt. So don’t be a zombie -- tether up your own Kon-Tiki, conjure up an able bodied crew (preferably not the kind with the shrunken heads), and send a drum message to Wailani, high Ali’i of Registration, that you will be making the sacred pilgrimage to the land of Walla-Walla-Acworth. Here the natives are always restless, the Tiki is bound to be Freaki, and our version of “war on the water” is guaranteed to be competitive Thistle racing at its fun-est!

Do you Voo Doo??

Voodoo Dixie Rituals

Grass skirts, loud shirts, torch lights and tropical delights -- all these await you in the world of retro Polynesian, and you don’t even have to change continents!

While we water warriors are out summoning the wind gods and hoisting sails, you can count on your native hosts to be preparing the island for evening victuals and rituals. The tiki bar will be awash in Jungle Juice, the fire will be ablaze to torch off dinner, and Paolo the Mighty and Magnificent will soon be fine tuning his sacred drums to get us pulsing on the dance floor.

The Tiki gods command you to be in native dress -- use your imagination, or pack up your Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts and we’ll provide the leis. Even the Keiki (our short people) will be in costume, with tiki masks hand-made in the play yard. And OMG -- did someone summon the Witch Doctor? Who knows how many might appear?? Competition for Top Doc promises to be as fierce as the racing, and don’t expect to get away with simply dressing the part -- the pressure will be on to BE the part. Let’s just say if you don’t give it your best shot, shrunken heads are gonna roll!

So, come sizzle in the sun by day -- but when night falls you can turn your Inner Voodoo loose!

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