Race information

This year we will once again sail the Dixie in two fleets -- Purple and Green -- and assign skippers to the fleet of their choice, where they will remain for all races sailed. We will sail up to THREE races, weather and RC discretion permitting. Note that this is a change from last year’s five-race series, an almost unanimous decision made to 

GA-RON-TEE! a stress-free weekend.  (So crank up your fun-o-meter, and get ready to sail hard and party hard!)

There are no “rules” as to which fleet you are to be in, but in general the Purple Fleet is intended for more experienced and competitive sailors, while the Green Fleet affords an opportunity for less experienced or up-and-coming skippers — or simply those who aren’t looking for an intense racing weekend — to enjoy the action of a big fleet without being clobbered by the “hotshots.” Please note that no matter which fleet you sailed last year and how you finished — you are NOT tied to that fleet, nor are you required to switch to the other.  No rules, just fun!  There will be trophies for both divisions -- five for the Purples (including the Dixie Perpetual Trophy) and three for the Greens. 

There is one more potential change.  In the recent past we have had about twenty or more boats in the Green Fleet, for a fun and competitive series.  But if it turns out that the Purple Fleet attracts more than forty boats, that fleet will be split into four divisions (two starts in just the Purple Fleet, making three starts total).  We are hopeful that the Green Fleet will continue to grow and the Purple Fleet stay small enough for a single start, but we still want you to be able to choose which fleet to sail, so the number of registrants will make the decision.

Race Particulars

For all the official details, download these PDFs:

2016 Dixie Notice of Race

2016 Dixie Sailing Instructions

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