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Three races are scheduled, two on Saturday and one on Sunday, weather depending. Boats registered will be split into four sub-fleets (Black, Orange, Yellow and Blue), to be announced at the Competitors’ meeting and designated by corresponding colors of pennants attached to the sail. 

There will be two starts for each of the three races.  Each start will include two of the subgroups, rotated after every race, so that if all races are completed each group will have competed against all three of the others during the course of the regatta. 

When we host a large fleet,the four-division format allows all boats to compete against the entire Dixie fleet without setting an impossible starting line.  This always adds fun and intrigue to the races, where top finishes are a premium and even those looking strong on Saturday’s scoreboard aren't always quite sure who the regatta winner is until the last race is completed and competitors are back to shore comparing notes. Just another fun dimension to our one-of-a-kind Dixie and our already challenging lake! 

Trophies will be awarded to the top five skippers and crew . 

Race Particulars

For all the official details, download these PDFs:

2022 Dixie Notice of Race

202Sailing Instructions

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