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New Sailors are Welcome to Fleet 330!

Have you never sailed before and want to find out why it is the best sport in the world? Or have you just finished a sailing class and wondered, "Now what do I do?" Happily, Fleet 330 is focused on welcoming new sailors to sailing as a sport and as a recreation. There are many ways that our volunteers are making it easy and fun to sail with us.

Come and Crew

One of the best ways to start sailing is to crew for an experienced skipper. Reach out to our outreach officer to come on as a free guest. A skipper will be glad to bring you on board and teach you the ropes, no pressure! As a crew, you will learn all about sailing, racing, and boat keeping. You will also get to meet the fleet members and learn about the club. You will find that this is a family and friend oriented fleet, with children and adults all competing on the race course or day sailing in the afternoon breeze.

Attend Seminars and Classes

We think of our fleet as a team, and our experienced sailors will hold many seminars on the land and classes on the water to teach how to sail better. These classes are a great way to learn how to sail and to make friends at the club. See our schedule, and if you want to stop by and attend a seminar or class, just contact us and you will be welcome as a guest.

Borrow a Fleet Boat

One of the hardest parts about getting into sailing is getting into a boat. If you know a little about sailing, have your own crew, and want to sail with the fleet, you can borrow a fleet boat and get on the water! You can even join the club and continue to sail the fleet boats until you decide to get one for yourself.

Sailing Events

Sailing is not just about racing, but also about having fun with the fleet. Check out our many activities and get excited! We have on the water events including Marshmallow Intergalactic Regatta for new sailors to have a try at the tiller, Harvest Moon Sail for an evening sail about, and Sailing, Swimming, and Sandwiches to sail out and have a picnic on the boats.

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