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THE MARSHMALLOW INTERGALACTIC CHAMPIONSHIP (known galaxy wide as “THE MIC”) will be sailed in Snipes at AYC on SATURDAY, JULY 16, as part of the day’s fleet races. THE MIC provides the beginner and novice sailors (skippers and crews), aka “MARSHMALLOWS”, the opportunity to skipper Snipes with experienced Snipe sailors, aka “HOT DOGS”, as their crews.

The origins of the MIC can be traced back to the “ALIGO” (the “At Last I Got One” trophy), which was held around the time of the Snipe Nationals. Anyone who had never won a trophy in a regatta (a “Marshmallow”) was eligible to skipper, while the experienced sailors (“Hot Dogs”) not attending the Nationals crewed for them. Over time the event evolved into THE MIC as the participant base began to expand globally and galaxy wide. At some point, our research discovered that annually in July, the planet Marshmallow comes between the Sun and the planet Hot Dog, casting a dark shadow on the planet Hot Dog. As a result, the Hot Dogs, in fear and desperation, escape their planet Hot Dog and fly in their Snipe Rockets to the Planet Marshmallow for safety and, for one day, subject themselves to the dominance of the Marshmallows. And guess what?! This phenomenon happens on July 16 this year!

Come celebrate and sail. If you need a boat or a crew, we will help you find one!

There is no registration charge, just food in trade. Marshmallows need to bring marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers for Some Mores and Hot Dogs need to bring hot dogs and buns. Bring enough for your team and for another team of two. We will be providing professionally designed tee shirts for all participants at no charge, as well as ketchup and mustard.

The tentative schedule for the event is:

10:00am - boat preparation and rigging with Hot Dog assistance

12 Noon - Lunch of Hot Dogs and S’mores

2:00pm - 2 races (maybe 3) as part of afternoon Fleet races

Post-race - Awards and refreshments at the Point

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