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Harvest Moon Sail-about

The first annual Harvest Moon Sail-about was a beautiful success. 41 members attended the event. The pot luck was a pleasant experience with couscous, salads, tomato with mozzarella, gumbo, homemade macaroni and cheese, pies, cookies, brownies, and apple cider. Tom carried on the tradition and presented jalapeno poppers which went like the wind.

As the sun was setting, everyone made for the boats. Snipes, Thistles, Lasers, paddle boats, and power boats were put in the water and boarded.  Mary, Tom, and Joy provided for the luminous decorations of the boats with a plethora of glow sticks of all colors. Within minutes the twilight gave way and the lake was consumed by the blackness of night. Only rings and rods of green, blue, yellow, and red drifted aimlessly in the dark, sometimes in silence and then later with laughter and chatter. Even the sound of a strumming guitar carried and amplified over the calm of the lake. Tod's Thistle ghosted around the fleet with silent grace and speed.

The beautiful thing about this event is that brought us all together. Young and old, sailors and land lubbers, even old rivals, all enjoyed a beautiful time together under the silver brilliance of the harvest moon. Sailors got to sail together not as competitors but as friends. Even the Kibler family all got on the Snipe for the first time together, and just let the boat do what it was meant to do, whisper over the calmed water of the night.

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