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Got gator?

Cajun bougalees and wannabes,

Swamp people and krewe 

(Who dat??). . . 

Never mind, ALL y’all invited!  

If you’re a Thistler of a mind to laissez les bon temps rouler,

you best be fixin’ to join the Cajun Invasion of 2016, 

hereby christened the



May 28-29, 2016

(Memorial Day Weekend)

Atlanta Yacht Club

Where else but Allatoona Swamp?

When it comes to having fun on the bayou, south Louisiana got nothin’ on Acworth, Georgia, where Thistle Fleet 48 calls all the shots.  Two days of intense (or not!) water play with your best Thistlin’ buds, plus a boatload of revelry at the Dixie’s own Cajun Mardi Gras — hooo-eee, it’ll be hotter than a hurricane party!  Start now lining up your krewe and your kinfolk, check the trailer hitch on your pirogue, and head on down the bayou to find out if gator really does taste like chicken.

And this just in from the Picayune Press:  In the interest of more party time, this year we are going back to THREE RACES.  Otherwise the format is the same as in recent years — TWO FLEETS, Purple and Green, to allow sailors to choose where they sail comfortably.  To get details on the two fleets and how to decide which one is for you, scroll on down to Race Information. 

If you’ve got an envie to go Ragin’ Cajun, the Dixie is your destination and 2016 is your year.  Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the Bayou!

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