Pillagers, plunderers, 
dragon-slayers and sea-faring warriors. . .


Ragnar the Ruthless
and his loyal band of Nasty Norsemen
call you to rally forces
for battle on the high seas
in a reenactment of 
the most infamous skirmish in medieval history,

Setting sail on May 23-24, 2015
(Memorial Day Weekend)
Atlanta Yacht Club
Allatoona Ocean

Harken back to a time in history when Norsemen ruled the high seas and invasion was the buzzword. This year Thistle Fleet 48 of Atlanta Yacht Club takes the helmet by the horns and once again stages an all-out weekend maritime battle — highlighted, of course, by a raucous festival to celebrate our victories. (Or what the heck, we may as well just celebrate our defeats too. A festival is a festival!)

As has become our tradition, we will hold FIVE battles, with TWO flotillas. You choose where to enlist — Purple Fleet or Green. Since we are a lawless bunch anyway, there are NO rules as to which fleet you may join. Who cares? Sail on over to Race Information for more details on the two fleets and how to decide which one is for you.

Ragnar charges you to enlist NOW or find yourself the target of his testy temper. If you’ve ever wanted to Hike with a Vike, now is your chance!  So mend your sails, hitch up your longboat, rub a little teak oil on your shield — and if your crew is acting like an unruly dragon, for Thor’s sake start training it now. 

Remember, the Viking world is still flat, so if you're on the wrong tack too often you might just sail over the edge and disappear!
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