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Beers 2015

Y-Flyer Fleet #1

Gilbert Beers Memorial Regatta
October 9-10-11, 2015

Trophy Beers Regatta 2015

Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

Online Registration Form


Friday, October 9

Day Beers Championship Golf

7:00 Award winning Chili and registration

Saturday, October 10

7:30 Breakfast of Champions

8:00 Registration open for the ultimate Y-Flyer competition

9:30 Junior races

11:00 Registration closed

11:30 Award winning sailors meet to review competition 

 rules and get Gold/Blue designation

12:00 Winner of ‘Best Saturday Regatta Lunch’ served 

 at the clubhouse

1:25 Warning signal for the Best Y-Flyer racing EVER!

 More superior racing to follow

6:00 Make a grand entrance to the “Awards Party”

 dressed as the trophy winner of your dreams. Think

 Oscar winner, Olympic medal winner, Miss America 

 winner... you get the idea

7:00 Who knew AYC was the winner of ‘Best Meal on

 the Regatta Circuit’?

8:00 An evening to remember full of trophy worthy

 celebrities and award-winning fun

Sunday, October 11

7:30 Breakfast of Champions

9:00 All winners of the ‘Awards Party’ last night drag

 your boats out on the water

9:25 Continue vying for the trophy of your dreams

12:00 Awards Lunch. TROPHIES FOR EVERYONE!!!!

 (Whether you deserve it or not)

RULES: Races will be governed by the 'rules' as defined in the 'Racing Rules of Sailing', the Notice of Race, the American Y-Flyer Yacht Racing Association and by the sailing instructions.

SCORING: Scores will be according to the Y class low point system.






 (postmarked by Oct 5th)      
 ($80 after postmark deadline)      
  USSA Member Discount - $5    $  (5.00)
  Extra Breakfast Saturday    $ 3.50
  Extra Lunch Saturday    $  6.00
  Extra Dinner Saturday    $  15.00
  Extra Breakfast Sunday    $  3.50
  Extra Lunch Sunday    $  6.00
  T-shirts - Long Sleeve (S, M. L, XL)
                     Short Sleeve (S. M, L, XL)
  Kids meals available     ask 

Contacts and Questions?:

  • Golf - Karl Andersen 770-516-3857
  • Cabin reservations – Amanda Hodges 478-951-6043
  • Registration – Nile Hatcher 404-310-3841
  • General information- Carlin Hodges 404-557-8978
Directions from Interstate 75

Turn east from Exit 277 on Highway 92 and proceed to the third traffic light at Hunt Rd. Turn left and go to the four-way stop sign (in about 400 yards.) Continue straight through the intersection and you will be on Kellogg Creek Road. Continue for approximately 1.25 miles to Yacht Club Drive. Turn left and continue another 1.25 miles and you will see the yacht club gate as the road bends to the left. Drive up close to the gate and it should open automatically. If it does not, call 478-951-6043 or 478-951-6076 as a backup. We will come and let you in.

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