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Fleet 330 Volunteers

There are many activities on water and on land that help build skills, spirit, and friendships for fleet members and guests. All activities are initiated and run by volunteers with the only motivation being love for the fleet. Services range from officer positions to fixing boats, providing food, and teaching each other sailing skills.

Below is a list of volunteer positions that help make Fleet 330 the best in USA. Please contact a fleet officer and let them know you can help.

Awards and Recognitions Edward Bolles
Away Regatta Terry BiHary
Captain Claudia Bolles
Chalk Talk Don Hackbarth, Greg Kibler, John Mulhausen
Chalk Talk - Refreshments OPEN POSITION
Clinic - Ship Shape Shop Ship Wright Team
Communications Amy Durrett, NamSuny Bolles
Decorations Susan Vernon, Alison (Bihary)
Drills, Thrills, and Chills - Refreshments John Mulhausen, Means Davis V
Fleet Adviser Marianne and Don Hackbarth
Fleet Boats Don Hackbarth, Terry DeGan
Fleet Secretary Terry Degan
Sailing, Swimming, Sandwiches Liz and Tom Henderson
Graphic Design Nam-Suny Bolles
Hospitality Dawn and Trey Shipp
Inventory Paper Goods Marianne Hackbarth
Lizy Eliot
Junior Regatta Conner Milan, Ji-Soo Bolles
Learn to Sail Intermediate Don Hackbarth
Lunch and Learn Series Means Davis
Lunch and Learn Series - Food Rose Hasty
Marshmallow Intergalactic Championship Regatta Edward Bolles
Moonlight Sailing Liz and Tom Henderson
Outreach Kathy Bronaugh
Public Relations OPEN POSITION
Rally - Mess About OPEN POSITION
Registration Mary Williams, Dawn and Trey Shipp, Ian Elliot
SCIRA Liaison Edward Bolles
Scores Rita Fullick, Terry Degan
Ship Wright Don Hackbarth, Ian Elliot, Means Davis Jr., Mike Carlson, Terry Degan
Ship Wright Iam Elliot
Social Media Amy Durett
Spirit Wear Amy Durrett
Treasurer Mary Williams
Vice Captain/Halloween Joy Finch
Web Developer Andy Finch
Web Admin Edward Bolles 
Womans Clinic Kathy Bronaugh

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