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Volunteers for Junior Week 2019

Volunteer and be part of the exciting world of Greek Week, brought to you by AYC Junior Week 2019. As a volunteer, you will help turn fantasy into reality and dreams into glory as the junior sailors are sorted into four fraternities where they will receive intense training by certified instructors, face off in fierce competition, forge lifetime friendships, and win spectacular honors and awards. The highest honor, the Gemini Cup, will go to the team leads (A.K.A cabin parents) of the fraternity that earns the highest overall athletic and spirit points.

Junior Week 2019 will be the most incredible story for the junior sailors, but it will only come true with your help! Go to Sign-Up Genius below to bring your talent and spirit and make AYC history!

Volunteer Positions

Acceptance Letters In charge of making the letters with info and send it out to the kids Nam-Suny Bolles
Announcement (2) Announce the events Edward Bolles
Awards (2) Give the awards out to the winners Edward Bolles
Beach (2)
Cabin Parent (7) Mindy Sherry 
Cabin Shuttles (5) People with Golf Karts can help to bring the kids to their cabin with their luggage
Casino Night (5) In charge of the event
Coaches (6) Teach kids sailing techniques
Cook Breakfast (15) 3 people will work a day
Cook Dinner (18) 3 people will work a day Gayle McLean 
Cook Lunch (15)
Day Campers Manager Manages the Day Camp division
Decoration In charge of arranging decor
Facebook/Social Media In charge of updating posts Trixy Hanson 
Framing (2) In charge of framing the awards pics
Graphic design In charge of designing logos Nam-Suny Bolles
Greek Games (12) In charge of the games
In charge of beach events
Nurse (3) In charge of helping out injuries/illness
Pictures (2) In charge of taking pictures of the kids Amanda Hodges
Pit stop In charge to have supplies in case a boat needs to be fixed
Pontoon (3) In charge of driving their pontoon to certain locations with the kids/give spectators a lift during the regatta
PRO In charge of the races Robert Mitchell
Race Committee In charge of the races Rita Fullick 
Radio In charge of setting up radios to cabins for announcements Means Davis
Refreshments In charge of having snacks and drinks for the kids after on the water exercises Trixy Hanson
Registration (2) In charge of registering the kids Edward Bolles
Rutter In charge of editing the schedule booklet
Safety and Support (6) In charge of being the rescue boat on the water/help coaches Rita Fullick 
Score Scores the races
Skit Night In charge of the skit event Julie Plants
Smores/Telescope Night (3) In charge of the smores event/bring telescope
Sort Fraternities (2) In charge of sorting the kids into their team Claudia Bolles
Swag In charge of the clothing merchandise Amy Durrett
Treasury In charge of keeping track of the spending Douglass
Video In charge of filming the week Nam-Suny Bolles
Water/Suntan Lotion Station In charge of refilling the water/suntan stations
Webmaster In charge of making the website
Whatsapp In charge of notifing daily updates by text Trixy Hanson 

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