Aloha, meandering mariners and seafaring strangers! 

Time to put on your Polynesian and chart a course into the Southern 

                Hemisphere that will take you to your next port of call. . .        

Thistle Fleet 48’s


May 26 - 27, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Atlanta Yacht Club

Loko Allatoona (absolutely no pun implied)

When Maui the demigod used his magical fishing hook to pull the Hawaiian islands up from the bottom of the sea, it is a little known footnote that quite by accident he also snared the ancient colony of Acworth, Georgia (who knew??),where descendants of the original Thistle Fleet 48 still thrive, sail and make mischief today.  Always and forever the Big Kahuna, Maui now beckons you to return to this little-known tropical paradise, hauling your slippery sloop and your seaworthy subjects along for the ride.  Two days of matching your highly honed navigational skills against the best in the Southern Hemisphere, plus all the revelry you can cram in to one little weekend at our soon-to-be legendary Luau. . . 


(Preliminary) Sailing Instructions

What could be more alluring?

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